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Clace: A History

  One of the most complicated relationships in literature, Jace and Clary are each other’s main love interest throughout The Mortal Instruments series. They first see each other at the Pandemonium Club, More »


Happy birthday, Cassandra Clare!


Today, July 27, is the birthday of author Cassandra Clare! Cassie turns 42 today. We wish here the best of luck and the happiest of birthdays!

Photos: New ‘Shadowhunters’ cast promotional photo; behind-the-scenes of the show!

We have our first look at the cast of Shadowhunters in full costume in a new promotional picture! Check out the full image here.


In addition, lots of behind-the-scenes activities, including Q&A sessions on Twitter and training for the show, has been going on. The cast and crew are sharing a lot of tidbits on Twitter and Instagram. Check out a round-up here.


Nicola Correia Damude cast as Maryse Lightwood in ‘Shadowhunters’

We recently heard from Cassie Clare that she met members of the Lightwood family on her visit to the set of Shadowhunters. She revealed on her Tumblr that actress Nicola Correia Damude will be portraying Alec, Isabelle and Max’s mother, Maryse.

Nicola Correia Damude

Welcome to the Shadowhunters family, Nicola!

Photos: Round-up of Cassandra Clare’s visit to the ‘Shadowhunters’ set

First – apologies for the absence! We had a technical issue with the site which is resolved now.

Now onto the good stuff! Author Cassandra Clare visited the set of Shadowhunters a couple of days ago. Naturally, she shared a ton of pictures and information on her social media.

Apart from the obvious – that the cast is super nice and very involved with the fans – Cassie also shared that Maryse, Robert and Max Lightwood, along with Maureen, are in the first season. We might be meeting Max on the sidelines in Episode 5.

A round-up of the pictures are now in the gallery here.



Can I just squee over how cute Dom and Kat, Alberto and Emaraude AND Harry and Matthew are?!


Photos: First look at Silent Brothers from Shadowhunters

The official website for Shadowhunters has released exclusive first photos of the Silent Brothers in the show! The picture exhibits Brother Jeremiah, who’s obviously pretty important.

Check out the full pictures in the gallery here.

The show’s Silent Brothers look very similar to the ones in the City of Bones movie, who were impressive, and one of the things that I really liked about it! Have a look at it below:

Silent Brothers from City of Bones movie