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TMI Movies: City of Bones

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‘Shadowhunters’ ordered straight to series on ABC Family!

We’re so excited to be sharing this news with our readers today! ABC Family has officially ordered the Shadowhunters TV Show straight to series with 13 episodes.

The official Twitter account is now up and includes the first logo for the show.


Below is the full press release:

Series Is Based on the Beloved New York Times Bestselling Book Series The Mortal Instruments by Author Cassandra Clare

Burbank, CA (March 30, 2015) – ABC Family has picked up its first scripted saga-to-series, “Shadowhunters,” from The Mortal Instruments franchise, announced today by Tom Ascheim, President, ABC Family and Karey Burke, Executive Vice President, Programming and Development, ABC Family. The series will go into production this May in Toronto.

Based on the bestselling young adult fantasy book series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, “Shadowhunters” follows 18-year-old Clary Fray, who finds out on her birthday that she is not who she thinks she is but rather comes from a long line of Shadowhunters – human-angel hybrids who hunt down demons. When her mother Jocelyn is kidnapped, Clary is thrown into the world of demon hunting with mysterious Shadowhunter Jace and her best friend, Simon. Now living among faeries, warlocks, vampires and werewolves, Clary begins a journey of self-discovery as she learns more about her past and what her future may hold.

“’Shadowhunters’ is a big epic saga that will resonate with viewers who come to ABC Family for the ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘Hunger Games,’ and ‘Twilight’ franchises,” said Ascheim. “A New York Times bestseller for 122-consecutive weeks, with over 35 million copies in print worldwide, ‘Shadowhunters’ is the perfect story to share with our audience.”
Burke continued, “Clary is a strong, dynamic and captivating character that our audience will immediately identify with. They will want her to succeed and will root for her on her journey to become who she was always meant to be. The series has a passionate fan base and an expansive universe that can sustain multiple seasons to come.”

“I’m excited to see ABC Family bring the world of the Shadowhunters to life. As a huge fan of long-form television drama, I can’t wait to see the story unfold and for the fans to have more time with the world and the characters,” added book author, Cassandra Clare.

“Shadowhunters” is produced by Constantin Film, and Ed Decter serves as executive producer and showrunner.

Cast to be announced at a later date.

Exciting things are coming guys!

Cassie Clare meets ‘Shadowhunters’ writers, confirms Malec and more


Good news, Shadowhuters! Author Cassandra Clare met with the writers of the TV show in Los Angeles and took to her Twitter to quash some of the more terrible of the recent rumors about the show.

Cassie confirms the show will start from the beginning.

She also states that there is no Natalie – Simon’s rumored girlfriend.

Alec and Magnus’s romance stays.

While the characters will be aged, it will only be two years.

And lastly, it’s not long until we hear more!

More rumors regarding Clary and Simon on the ‘Shadowhunters’ TV show

Simon and Clary

Spoiler TV has posted a bunch of new rumored information about the Shadowhunters TV show, in addition to what we heard last week.

- Manga is referenced. (Specifically Dragon Ball)
– Characters are aged up by about 2-3 years.
– Clary is attending the Brooklyn Academy Of Art.
– The Institute is seen in the pilot.
– Simon’s band has different members. This includes Natalie Adams (Simon’s girlfriend) with a pomeranian named Yeti and bass player Gary.

First the good things – I’m quite happy about Clary attending the Brooklyn Academy of Art. It’s very true to her, and what I assume she might have done in the years we don’t see her. [Actually, thanks to Cassie Clare, we’ll hear plenty about Clary in The Dark Artifices, but still for the sake of creative license for the show, this is a good move.]

The Manga reference gets a thumbs up from me too. We all know how important Manga/graphic novels/video games are to some of our beloved characters.

Now, for the really terrible. Why does Simon have a girlfriend? Just – why? A band was fine, but a girlfriend? Simon’s evolution would be impacted, no doubt, by this decision.

I was a Vampire Diaries reader before the show, and the changes to the show, though some were awesome and much needed, took the story in a completely different direction. For a franchise like TVD, the story carried on because most of its audience hadn’t read the books published in the 90s. But it’s not the same for Shadowhunters books. The audience is right here, and such a drastic change could backfire, again.

For now, I’ll take solace in the fact that this is still only a rumor.

What do you think?

Shadowhunters to start filming in Vancouver in May; network, pilot and more details

the mortal instruments city of bones

Industry insider Lindsay B on Twitter has posted some revealing info about the Shadowhunters TV show filming in May.

TMI Source has also compiled some information, sourced to Idris BR, which includes the network – ABC Family – for the straight-to-order series and lots more. Read below:

Character Descriptions:

CLARY FRAY] 18-21 years old, beautiful, fiery red-headed, creative, and intelligent. Clary Fray is a promising art student whose bright future is derailed when her mother is kidnapped and she learns her life has been a lie. Clary discovers a hidden Shadow World full of Vampires, Werewolves, and other unthinkable danger that she quickly learns to navigate.  As she is forced into action, she embraces her newfound powers and realizes that she will play the central role in this new world…SERIES REGULAR, PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[JACE WAYLAND] Early 20s, narcissistic, and lethally gorgeous, Jace is a determined and expert Shadowhunter. A skilled soldier in a war against demons. After his father is killed, Jace makes it his life mission to seek revenge on the man who is responsible. After years of being the object of every girl’s desire, he finds himself in an unfamiliar position – falling in love with Clary… SERIES REGULAR, PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES

[SIMON LEWIS] Early 20s, intelligent, very handsome in a non-calculated kind of way, Simon Lewis is Clary Fray’s long-time best friend. He’s the first to find humor in any situation. An accounting student by day, Simon spends his free time performing in a band. His loyalty and feelings for Clary are tested as he fights alongside her on an epic journey. Because of this, he is ultimately turned into a vampire and struggles to maintain his humanity while simultaneously accepting his fate… SERIES REGULAR, PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES


Clary Fray is perfectly normal; she’s a budding art student who loves spending time with her friends and family. On her 18th birthday, however, Clary discovers she is part of an age-old battle between demons and an elite race of warriors known as Shadowhunters. When her mother is kidnapped and her home is destroyed, so is her sense of reality. Clary must now understand her new role in an ancient battle, and come to terms with her family’s past…

Credits Info:

Executive Producers: Ed Decter, Michael Reisz, Marjorie David
Director: TBD
Writer: Ed Decter
Casting Directors: Alyson Silverberg & Jonathan Clay Harris
Casting Associates: Susan Esrock & Justin Kiang

The first episode is titled The Mortal Cup.

I have mixed feelings about this. While obviously it’s a little alarming that the characters have been aged up – since most of Jace, Clary and Simon’s wit is appropriate for their age as they come of age, and aging them will definitely change their personalities. The good thing is the call for “All Ethnicities,” of which there’s a definite lack of on TV.

Then, there’s the network. Personally, I was hoping for something like Starz. ABC Family will tone down the show, no doubt, but it would also be a better place to realize Magnus and Alec’s relationship.


Producer Don Cormady talks ‘Shadowhunters’ TV Show


Producer Don Cormady, in a recent interview at the Canadian Screen Awards, talked about bringing The Mortal Instruments to TV.

Expressing his disappointment that the movie didn’t do too well, he explained, The story is so broad and the novels are so dense that we’re actually now talking about doing it as a limited series for television.”

Newly titled Shadowhunters, Cormady said the show would follow one book per season. “The first book would be the first year and then assuming that goes well, the second book, the third book, the fourth… there are six books. So that’s what we’re looking at.”

He also noted that the pilot episode is ready, and they’re hoping filming could take place in Toronto – where the first movie was shot.