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Title: Shadowhunters TV Network: ABC Family Studio: Constantin Films Writer/Showrunner: Ed Decter Producers/Executives: Ed Decter, Michael Reisz, Marjorie David Director: McG [Pilot] Casting: Alyson Silverberg & Jonathan Clay Harris Genre: Drama / Adventure / More »

Clace: A History

  One of the most complicated relationships in literature, Jace and Clary are each other’s main love interest throughout The Mortal Instruments series. They first see each other at the Pandemonium Club, More »


Photo: First official shot of Dominic Sherwood and Kat McNamara as Jace and Clary

It’s finally here, everyone! Pilot director McG shared a shot of actors Dominic Sherwood and Kat McNamara in costume as Jace Wayland and Clary Fray.

Check out the full picture in the gallery here.

Jace and Clary featured

While filming doesn’t officially begin until Monday, pre-production is in full force at the set. A lot of behind-the-scenes activities are going on (pictures here!) and I’m guessing this could be a shot from a promotional photoshoot.

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Shadowhunters TV show casts Jocelyn Fray!

Shadowhunters TV show has found the woman who basically triggered our story.

Actress Maxim Roy will take on the role of Clary Fray‘s mom, Jocelyn Fray. Or if we’re being purists, Jocelyn Fairchid.

maxim roy

Though I particularly loved Lena Headey‘s portrayal of Jocelyn, I’m loving how awesome this cast is turning out!


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Harry Shum Jr. officially cast as Magnus Bane in Shadowhunters!

Following the day’s earlier announcement that Reign alum Alan Van Sprang will take on the role of Valentine Morgenstern, Shadowhunters dropped another exciting news! We finally have our Magnus Bane, everyone!

Glee star Harry Shum Jr. will portray the immortal High Warlock of Brooklyn.


We officially have Malec!

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‘Shadowhunters’ TV show casts ‘Reign’ actor as Valentine Morgenstern!

Exciting news everyone! As Shadowhunters TV show continues to proceed with pre-production (Kat McNamara has joined the cast in Toronto!), we have another new casting today.

Alan Van Sprang will be playing the role of the main antagonist, Valentine Morgenstern in Shadowhunters.


I loved Alan’s portrayal of King Henry in CW’s Reign, and think he’s a perfect actor for the role. Makes you wonder who’s going to portray Jocelyn even more!

Apart from Reign, Alan has also been in The Tudors and Immortals.

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Shadowhunters TV show casts Alec Lightwood and Luke Greyback!

In more casting news, the Shadowhunters TV show has found its Alec Lightwood and Luke Greyback!

Actors Matthew Daddario and Isaiah Mustafa will take on the roles of the Shadowhunter and the werewolf, respectively.


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